Sunday, April 4, 2010

The State Helps!

It seems that my Colorado State Government man Mr. Peterson has done his job!

It seems that my neighbor has got to be under 100 cy. of excrement. I don't know how much that is but I would like to know. I would like to know how much over he has been over the years. So far the garbage has stopped coming and they started moving the piles around, building up one huge pile; which made it stink horribly. We have had a few days, the first nice days of Spring that were impossibly horrid.

How I would love to know what is in my house 'dust' and what particles are flowing in the air; other than the molds, gases, e coli; what is in a smell anyway? Is it tangible? Can it hurt you? Can it kill you and poison your belongings, crop, garden vegetables and animals? I truly hope he spreads what is there soon and works it into his over-sprayed poisoned Monsanto enriched acres hoping he can feign organic. I hope he truly is doing this horrible dumping for a good reason at least, but peaches don't usually go organic, do they? They spray the heck out of them. If he can't compost correctly how can he go organic correctly? If he does it certainly is for the extra money in it.

But I thank the State of Colorado's raw waste enforcer Mr. Bob Peterson for his actions to try to right this wrong. It is a great beginning.

Hooray for now! As long as he spreads all of it quickly!


  1. Has your air quality improved? Did Mr. Peterson force him to remove these piles? I have purchased peaches from John Cox's farm before and would like to do so again, but am wondering now if it's worth it. I believe that nearly all growers spray their trees with pesticides as well as anti-fungal sprays in order to have a decent crop yield, so unless a farm is promoted as organic (not the case with Cox) they apply whatever is needed in order to promote a healthy tree.

  2. We get the stink from manure thats spread on the hay fields around here, Spring and Fall. The manure guys have to keep their smelly manure piles covered up while they "cook" and they do it and you only get the stink now and then. It's understandable and reasonable when you smell it that way and everyone only bitches a little bit.