Thursday, March 4, 2010

THURSDAY MARCH $TH 2010 / Bad Smell Day!

The cats don't even want to go out today! The smell today is bad. It is a beautiful day, warm and totally lovely! I can't open my windows even a 1/8 an inch or open my doors or work outside! Is this how Spring will be? Where I am afraid to go outside and FARM! I am afraid of the particles in the smell and the dust. What is in smell? How does it stay with you even when you leave? Is e coli living in shit dust? I am afraid and feel lousy, my son feels lousy, I want to go outside and love the weather! Do I have no rights at all? My life is in danger!
I finally got the State to send someone. Bob Peterson is the enviornmental waste guy in Grand Junction. He is getting a remodel of his office. He is relatively new but doesn't like the changes. He called ahead of time to ask about the mud. "Is it muddy there?" I said it is all dirt but it has been frozen so it was fine yeasterday. So he comes and lo and behold, it IS muddy! He has his good shoes on too. He was very disturbed. "I called you and asked!" he pleaded. We tip-toed up the muddy canal road to see the shit piles closer up. He looked at the piles and said, "hum... like 5 feet tall and maybe 200 feet long." The piles have sunken a lot but they are obviously over 6 feet tall. Hundreds of feet long and multiple piles. They must weight like lead having been frozen and snowed on and rained on all winter. My neighbor also made them look smaller because the long piles are resting on a big mound which would represent many more mounds. But Bob was worried about his shoes. I could tell he was real mad about the mud. He said there was a quota of how big shit dumping can get but would have to look it up. I hope Bob's office is finally renovated so Bob can find out some information. I told Bob they are continually adding to the piles, getting bigger every week, but Bob said he would check it out next Fall to see it again. Obviously another dead end. I need those perimeters of how big the piles can be!

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