Sunday, December 12, 2010

They are BAAAAACK!!!

The stink piles are back with an interesting addition of a hill of white powder. Something new and toxic to mix in? Something else to blow my way? It is smelling very nasty outside to the point of tasting it just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The gift that keeps on giving.

All summer we got knocked out of bed by the multiple saws, forklifts and trucking before 7:00 am by their idiot sons who can make their schedules anytime, but prefer to make their presence known before dawn to late night. I know everyone is scrambling to get by in this bad economy, and wood will be big with the high heating bills and all, but what is this non-thinking selfishness of extra early or late scheduling? And he keeps coming with his killer dogs after being warned multiple times? How many chicken attacks can people put up with? This was a quiet dead-end of a corner of a peaceful neighborhood which is now an industrial park with heavy trucking, the multiple stink piles, the wood piles, chainsaws, saw tables, forklifts, backhoes... outside of his farming practices.

What does it take to get through to people? My son had a big talk to the parents about the dogs chasing and hurting our chickens. "Something" got all but one of our last brood so we are watching the safety on this last bunch - and they are great letting me pet them and following us around. But I cut back on letting them out, which they love. But why? Are they not free range? But you never know when the Cox idiot will arrive with his killer dogs. He stated five times or more that his dogs are safe around chickens and cats but we overheard him laughing when they attacked the Mexicans chickens and killed a few. Their Christian love just overwhelms me.

So my chickens are squawking again and my son runs out with his gun and then there is a lot of shooting. On my back lawn two dogs lay dead in attack formation 15 feet from attacking my boy high on their kill-mode. He damn well shot them before they reached him. To be forced to do this is horrifying! To make my son live with dead dogs on his conscience is unforgivable. Do you think I will allow someone's pets to murder my animals over and over again without some kind of action after all the warnings? Fifteen years of their killer minded dogs! How stupid are people, how uncaring of others do you have to be to inflict such pain upon neighbors? And the cost? Living with the constant multiple abuse of self-proclaimed righteous above-the-law fanatics is pure hell. Let them disappear in 2012 with the rest of the freaks! Good riddance.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The State Helps!

It seems that my Colorado State Government man Mr. Peterson has done his job!

It seems that my neighbor has got to be under 100 cy. of excrement. I don't know how much that is but I would like to know. I would like to know how much over he has been over the years. So far the garbage has stopped coming and they started moving the piles around, building up one huge pile; which made it stink horribly. We have had a few days, the first nice days of Spring that were impossibly horrid.

How I would love to know what is in my house 'dust' and what particles are flowing in the air; other than the molds, gases, e coli; what is in a smell anyway? Is it tangible? Can it hurt you? Can it kill you and poison your belongings, crop, garden vegetables and animals? I truly hope he spreads what is there soon and works it into his over-sprayed poisoned Monsanto enriched acres hoping he can feign organic. I hope he truly is doing this horrible dumping for a good reason at least, but peaches don't usually go organic, do they? They spray the heck out of them. If he can't compost correctly how can he go organic correctly? If he does it certainly is for the extra money in it.

But I thank the State of Colorado's raw waste enforcer Mr. Bob Peterson for his actions to try to right this wrong. It is a great beginning.

Hooray for now! As long as he spreads all of it quickly!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

THURSDAY MARCH $TH 2010 / Bad Smell Day!

The cats don't even want to go out today! The smell today is bad. It is a beautiful day, warm and totally lovely! I can't open my windows even a 1/8 an inch or open my doors or work outside! Is this how Spring will be? Where I am afraid to go outside and FARM! I am afraid of the particles in the smell and the dust. What is in smell? How does it stay with you even when you leave? Is e coli living in shit dust? I am afraid and feel lousy, my son feels lousy, I want to go outside and love the weather! Do I have no rights at all? My life is in danger!
I finally got the State to send someone. Bob Peterson is the enviornmental waste guy in Grand Junction. He is getting a remodel of his office. He is relatively new but doesn't like the changes. He called ahead of time to ask about the mud. "Is it muddy there?" I said it is all dirt but it has been frozen so it was fine yeasterday. So he comes and lo and behold, it IS muddy! He has his good shoes on too. He was very disturbed. "I called you and asked!" he pleaded. We tip-toed up the muddy canal road to see the shit piles closer up. He looked at the piles and said, "hum... like 5 feet tall and maybe 200 feet long." The piles have sunken a lot but they are obviously over 6 feet tall. Hundreds of feet long and multiple piles. They must weight like lead having been frozen and snowed on and rained on all winter. My neighbor also made them look smaller because the long piles are resting on a big mound which would represent many more mounds. But Bob was worried about his shoes. I could tell he was real mad about the mud. He said there was a quota of how big shit dumping can get but would have to look it up. I hope Bob's office is finally renovated so Bob can find out some information. I told Bob they are continually adding to the piles, getting bigger every week, but Bob said he would check it out next Fall to see it again. Obviously another dead end. I need those perimeters of how big the piles can be!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 2010 - The Stink Piles

Industrial Waste on Farmland
e coli draining into Colorado River
Manure 20 Feet from Canal
Brown cloud above my home

Starting Off the New Year with No Hope & No End

Here starts a new Year but smacks of another hopeless no-end-in-sight rerun like the last four living surrounded by my neighbors sickening shit piles.

It's the same old movie plot; the County has crapped out on me; the State says I'm up shit's creek without a paddle; the State Extension experts won't do anything until the shit hits the fan and I am looking forward to another year of no escaping the stinking smelly odor so bad you can taste it, mysterious oxygen robbing gases, sinus irritating, headache inducing, e coli ridden dust and insect breeding extraordinaire all smothering my home with the second feature playing out the complete Darwinian theory of survival.

Saturday, January 2, 2010