Sunday, December 27, 2009

Stink Piles November 2009

Cox - Talbott Stink Piles Fall 2009 / Year 4

These biologically toxic piles of cow manure, chicken shit, horse shit, and mountains of rotten fruit dumped by Talbott Farms of Palisade, Co. onto John Cox's land; are a gift that keeps on giving by my caring neighbor. These piles are over a story high, stagnantly sitting reeking and breeding flies and fruit flies drawing wild animals small and large; positioned very near the irrigation canal that drains back to Colorado River. When it rains it washes the fecal matter right into the canal system, a sacred waterway for farmers with no dumping rights for anyone -it travels all the way to California and into Mexico. The canal is drained now, but is operational most of the year. Check out the steam coming from the fresh semi load of hot fresh cow shit. Solid shit. This manure dumping has been stopped in other areas locally. His truck barely fits down our one lane private dirt road not appropriate for constant commercial use. Anyone with information or help please email.

Monday, December 21, 2009

He is a Good Farmer but just Lacking 1 Thing - Conscience

I'll be the first to say Cox is neat and grows successfully. God knows I applaud green technologies and being organic. I run an organic vineyard myself!

My problem is with my life being damaged by others' righteousness, divinely and blessedly spoiling other peoples lives for their own profit; be it for fear of who is bossing them, for their lack of education or through plain self-chosen stupidity. Year after year after year.

I moved away from my home, of over 20 years, to get away from the stench, gases, insects, mice, rats, and full food chain for three years, commuting 200 miles over the Rockies every week to farm. I had to move far enough away for a big big bumper zone for my safety, health, sanity and for everyone else's sake. How angry would you be if your home was spoiled by a blanket of stench from a neighbor and lost all its value; at the worst time in our country's economy? When there is no longer any back up left. It has made me desperate, fearful and the worst feeling of all - futile. As if someone (??) were enervating my soul, slowly killing me, my life and life's work.

All because Cox has [allegedly] sold out; bought into someones dream and become the cliche assistant Igor to Count Talbott. Who else could parade in the shadow of the valleys of shit mountains, breathing in bad gases with flies buzzing around as an aura. I heard the rumors, Cox can't stand up to Harry. Who can - Harry is a master miser who is too cheap to utilize his intelligence anymore and is preserved by sour grapes. John made a deal with a devilish scrooge and didn't see the eternal cost and is more bluffing than blustering. And I see Mr. Talbott is an unoriginal despot and a proud hypocrite who I lost all respect for.

Enclosed is a letter to the newspaper/county commissioners etc. they would never print or act upon:

To County Commissioners:
Being in Janet Rowland's district, and possibly Craig Meis's agenda, we, neighbors on East Orchard Mesa, are asking for help. This problem encompasses a large radius of victims, but the immediate neighbors are the concern of this letter.
An elderly senior citizen, Mrs. Eileene Johnson (80+), her caretaker Daryl Wamego, and their neighbor, vineyard owner Karen DiJulio, have been facing an endless impenetrable harassment by two large orchard owners. The county has always watched how the Talbot cidery ridded itself of its constant refuse left over after processing in the mill. Now Talbot has no more issues with their neighbors. That is because all the refuse of the mill is being trucked in all day all month for months 50 feet off of two single women's residents. Throughout the fall of 2005 a two-story mountain of rotting fruit and manure mix, many hundreds of yards long, was left to rot and stink - incredibly - all winter and spring. Every few weeks they would move the hills around making anew the pungent reeking stink with a cloudy waft of mold. Ms. DiJulio had to leave her home of 22 years due to the stench and actual taste that permeated the air inside and out, by mid January 2006. The neighbor, John Cox, who is 'composting' these mountains did not start to spread any of it until late spring. Slowly the mountain lessened, but never went away. All summer it still stunk, it comes out most strongly at nightfall, and the pile remained substantial throughout the summer and fall, until now - because they are back dumping Talbots waste for a month already. The trucks alone on this small private dirt road is too much. I stopped into Mrs. Johnson's house to check on her and it was hazy inside, I couldn't stop coughing from the dust in her house, and felt the grit between my teeth. Mrs. Johnson and her caretaker's health has been disintegrating as the DiJulio's. Excess hay-fever, sinus headaches, swollen nostrils, burning eyes, anxiety, depression, lethargy are only a few of our physical ailments. The rodents, fat shiny mice by the hundreds, and new! field rats in our homes endlessly. Snakes follow the rodents into our homes. And insects. The huge families of skunks that follow the bugs all attracted by the stink piles, and raccoons, coyote, and HUGE bear tracks all around my house! I go out all night long in the dark switching hoses and irrigating, and am in fear for my life.
What I am stating, is that two older women being forced out of their homes for the gain by the good-old-boy neighbors needing more land, the best wine grapes, and full water rights - while killing the sale price to be able to buy it for pennies on the dollar! Is the Talbot family a patriarchy or a despot?
Can anyone help us? We are looking at spending another year of sickening nonexistence. For now on it seems. They are planning to do this every year, as the Talbots told me. After an ugly altercation this offending neighbor moved the rotted fruit refuse a few hundred feet back, out of the more obvious sight, but no less smelling. Especially because a mountain of *hit is still directly across from us. I have been photographing the after-dark, late night dumping from the Talbot Mill in huge triple sized commercial carriers. This nuisance abomination leaves my neighbors property and drifts blanketing our lands and that must be illegal - if nothing else.
If not for me, Mrs. Johnson has been a good woman her whole life and was terrorized out of her home when her husband died and took seven years to come back, with her caretaker, and I am so afraid she will die. People will do alot to get their hands on prime EOM real estate.
Thank you for your time, I am hoping to hear from anyone. We are getting a petition going, but that is taking some time.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 / Stink Piles

Here are pictures from 2006 - 2009: I moved out in '06 it was so bad! Pictures: Night dumping. Neat piles of cow manure, horse manure, chicken shit and rotted fruit makes good compost but not good neighbors. Compost done right shouldn't reek.

How I Enjoy the Cox/Talbot Stink Piles in Palisade, CO.

This blog is to celebrate the four years of the stinking disease-ridden, animal infested, mold producing, shit blowing garbage piles of the Cox/Talbott Stink Piles, on East Orchard Mesa, in Palisade, CO.

This blog is to answer the hypocrisy of Jesus flinging fanatics and how they justify torturing, making ill, strong arming against their (also Christian if that matters) neighbors; driving an 86 year old legally blind woman, Eileene Johnson, to sell cheap and leave; moving away from her home she and her deceased WW2 veteran husband built by hand, destroying their ultimate dream. At the same time sickening her border, Daryl, living there giving the help she so desperately needed. He couldn't leave the house for the smell. It drove everyone mad at times. Eileene got the dust and clouds of airborne road infiltrating her home where it would grind between your teeth and choke you up. She was so brave. I had the smell worse though; making me, another directly affected neighbor - sick. I had to move temporarily for three years to escape it, commuting 200 miles to farm, breaking me financially and leaving me in ruin with little value to my once worthy property; after developing it for over 25 years - due to the unholy stench.

This blog will examine the correlation between, in the interest of seeking heaven, some fanatical self-proclaimed Christians discount people in general as soulless human beings because they do not speak in the same 'tongue' and steer clear of attending odd scary narrow-minded tiny sects of fanatical guilt-ridden righteous divinity-warping believers huddling in a rented room. Do they really want to be rewarded by going to a holy beyond with just 15 - 20 people in all? Sounds creepily incestuous.

How does the almighty dollar fit into Jesus' plan who obviously stepped on all those in his way? How do good Christians inflict such pain on others and still plan to vaporize into the heavenly bliss? Another point I never understood is how does maintaining killer dogs fit into the Christian belief system? Are only their dogs going to the eternal bliss? But not my poodle? He died in constant pain crippled due to the maulings from my loving neighbor's holy German shepard, up to four times a year, for over a decade. After each mauling I would leave a message for them but never heard back until the last time; turns out they were sued by other neighbors for the same type of maulings and while I was at the vet, spending thousands to sew the maggot infested wounds up on the old boy, another neighbor walks in with her story of her miniature dachshund being torn to shreds by same heaven seeking dog. My vet said enough and if I don't turn them in - he will. Why should I FEEL THE GUILT when it is their clueless wrongs? Are they truly clueless? I should feel bad making them relocate the beast at their son's farm, who periodically brought it back for visits to immediately run to someone else's yard to maul and kill. I am sure all that is in the scriptures.

In 25 years haven't they been wonderful caring neighbors? What about the hundreds of bee hives placed all together a few hundred feet from my front door? I was stung at least twice a day for years until he finally gave them back to their owners. They destroyed much of my crop for years. They swarmed all water sources. My dog couldn't drink from my pond and I couldn't work on my irrigation pipes because of the swarming bees. My son is allergic to stings but I was bad to make them move them. They ate my crop! The extension guys at the "research" center said "Impossible" until I showed them pictures of bees swarming my vineyard and carrying off the sugar from inside my grapes, leaving them hollow. Wasps got in the action too and I was wiped out for a couple of years, until it is slowly lessening thru the years. My direct loss. I mean they have tens of acres to utilize. That is why he placed a trailer on the edge of his property line, the dirt road we live, and my properties corner. Right where it narrows. That is to alleviate me of any trucking, deliveries or work done on my property, because I can barely make the turn out of my driveway with my small car - the garbage truck can't even get in or my water delivery guy. Meanwhile the quietest dead end block here is now bustling day and night with chain saws, back hoes and all the heavy trucking bringing in all the favorite suspects; triple loaders of fresh chicken shit, truck loads of cow manure, horse shit, chicken waste and constant deliveries, all day and night of Harry Talbott's cider factory waste. Spent fruit. Boy don't skunks love that stuff, the fruit and all the insects the piles attract. The rats and mice abound. Then coyotes follow with raccoon, badgers, bear and big cat. All traveling through my yard. I walk my property late at night messing with irrigation in the dark alone never knowing whether I'll get back in one piece or at all! My pump is 3-4 city blocks from my house. There is nothing out there but me & wild things (OK- and my dog, my hero, my miniature schnauzer Lulu).

The shit/fruit piles are nearly two stories high and can get 1/8 mile long and subdivided into many hills. The shit piles are completely alive with horse fly production and the rotted fruit piles keep the tiny infiltrating fruit flies maintained, hampering my harvest totally. The stink piles are keeping a constant year round fly problem all fall, all winter long thru the spring until he utilizes most of it. He likes to always keep some of the piles around all year to keep reminding me of their spiritual superiority.

When it rains the rain runs right off the e. coli ridden piles straight into the canal system which runs right into the Colorado River. But the River & Streams government guy didn't care what was running into the canal. He "does rivers and lakes." I guess he forgot the canal empties straight into the Colorado River. ==>Drinking water downstream, yum! The piles are so big and remain so long they are most likely seeping into the ground water, but that is probably ignorant; thinking ahead.

I wrote agencies all over the nation and was advised by all leading research centers and government agencies all advising NOT to breath in the pollution. "It is detrimental to health." Plus to be aware of the gases coming off the piles, the molds, mildews, bacteria laden dust. But Mesa County Health Department will have no part of it! One word - ag-land. That is agriculture zoning - there is none! No ordinances on smell and vapor or insects and vermin. No matter HOW BIG it gets? Seems there should be some limits? The Mesa County Health Department says NONE - it can be a mile high and ten miles long and stay ten years. Twice the Health Department threatened me with searching my home for breaches that may be making me sick! SEARCH MY HOUSE! The Health Department's professional "nose" so humiliated and insulted me, I almost gave up for awhile. Now he has died of lung cancer. (I guess he didn't smell that coming)

One of Colorado's best and favorite politician is caring Bernie Buescher and his gem of a wife and force to be reckoned with, Mary Beth Buescher, who helped me get a meeting with the Meas County Health Department. I am indebted to her forever. I just never wanted her to know the contrite way Mr. Boda treated me over the phone. He was obviously angry at having to call me. He threatened me with inspecting and shutting my home down due to the rodent problem I was complaining about; that I was breeding rodents and not the stink piles! He prodded, baited and laughed at me. He demoralized me for awhile. Regardless, Mary Beth Buescher was the only person to go to bat for me - ever! God I love the Bueschers! They are a political family to be proud of.

The government agencies watched the Talbot Cider factory like a hawk where he dumped his rotten fruit for decades. The town of Fruita, CO. forced the chicken egg factory to move and make changes. Any wonder why no one wants to help me? Two major pollution problems in a small town now unregulated and unwatched and dumped right across from my front door. It is so pretty to look at too. During the winter, I can not crack my window open 1/2 an inch because the smell is so bad you taste it in your mouth and the gases sting my eyes. During the 100+ degree summer weather I can not run my swamp cooler or open my doors because of the stench, flying particles and insects blowing over and around and smothering my house. I can't get away from it! You can not step outside to get some fresh air! You can not ask someone to smoke outside because you can't. My property value is shot. I can't have company or a party. I can't stay out after dusk. My daughter couldn't be married at my home. Though I saw my illustrious neighbor burn a huge mountain of wood during a fire ban, unwatched, to clean up before a party of his. I guess that proves he and his, is loved more by God, than me and mine. And our fire chief was the brother of the despot at the offending cider mill. You know small towns.

I will be praying for the Cox's and Talbott's redemption because they are not going where they have placed their bets on. I'll bet ya!