Sunday, December 27, 2009

Stink Piles November 2009

Cox - Talbott Stink Piles Fall 2009 / Year 4

These biologically toxic piles of cow manure, chicken shit, horse shit, and mountains of rotten fruit dumped by Talbott Farms of Palisade, Co. onto John Cox's land; are a gift that keeps on giving by my caring neighbor. These piles are over a story high, stagnantly sitting reeking and breeding flies and fruit flies drawing wild animals small and large; positioned very near the irrigation canal that drains back to Colorado River. When it rains it washes the fecal matter right into the canal system, a sacred waterway for farmers with no dumping rights for anyone -it travels all the way to California and into Mexico. The canal is drained now, but is operational most of the year. Check out the steam coming from the fresh semi load of hot fresh cow shit. Solid shit. This manure dumping has been stopped in other areas locally. His truck barely fits down our one lane private dirt road not appropriate for constant commercial use. Anyone with information or help please email.

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