Monday, June 27, 2011

Diane Cox - Stinkpile Madam & Social Pariah

Just when you think it can't get better - or worse...
Latest news June 2011:
Who's the enemy of the People? Who has nailed herself to the cross against family, neighbors and friends? Is it Mrs. Stinkpiles? We all have to be fanatically practicing Christians to find forgiveness towards the most antipathetic woman on the Western Slope - E 1/2 Road's own Diane Cox. Palisade's pariah. She personally put untold people out of work, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars that had been put into the local economy, dumped tens of people's personal investments in their business dreams - hurting all our community needs. Personally forced all the medical marijuana dispensaries out of business that were thriving. Everyone east of Rifle is booming! Big business in the mountain towns and Denver. Grand Junction sadly has a new Main Street no one much will visit. Is the radiation gone now? Aren't half the stores closed? Aren't Friday & Saturday nights dead - no traffic except the cops on Main Street! Thanks to the big thinking by the City Council. Is the whole City Council completely bought - and stupid?
So Diane Cox wants to be Christ. At any cost it seems. Her two sons were both medical marijuana caregivers, growers and one had a dispensary. Their dispensary went down when the unincorporated areas got shut down - privately by the City Council, after a vote by the People who had OK'd it! Did Diane invest and get burned and thought "I lost MY money so everyone else will too!" What is the reasoning? I have heard her facile arguments and they are not just pitifully wrong but sillily unintelligent. I suppose she got her inspiration while dazed and speaking in tongues. She also had enough other selfish church cronies to get the few signatures to try to close the last dispensary in Palisade. Even though she doesn't even live within city limits. How can a petition by a few take away the vote by many?? And you can't petition a petition! So where is the vice of reason?
This brings us to Diane's future plans. She seems to be planning to put all the wedding planners out of business and start one on her own! Now they will clean up the property? Now that I spent $100 thousand living elsewhere because of the poisonous stinkpiles? Now it suits her to clean it up and throw parties? Not if I raise hogs! Tit for tat. You should understand that Diane - you breast fed your kids past 8 years old, seems they immediately switched to pot! What did your milk taste like anyway? Isn't that really selfish perversion?
What is this about the Cox's signing an agreement to price fix their peaches within the coop of peach farmers and then sold under price burning all the growers? How many crosses can she nail herself to? Can you be a Savior just to save yourselves? Hey Diane; I have lived across from you for over 25 years and how come I have only spotted your 20 year old daughter like 3 times? Isn't that taking home schooling to an extreme? It is hard to let the last one go but she isn't still breast feeding?

Come on Diane! If you stick your nose in everyone's business you open your life up to ridicule.

And how do your killer dogs who ran rampant maiming and killing all your neighbors pets fit into your Christian values? You never even cared enough to know about the pain and suffering you caused so many neighbors and especially their loving pets.

Doesn't your obsessiveness for Jesus, contradict your unfeeling apathy towards all others in need, belies his teachings.

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